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   Photo Album | Me and My Family

Pictures of me and my core family. My father (Papi), my mother (Mami), my bigger sister Dian, and my younger brother Ragil.

family01.jpg family02.jpg family03.jpg family04.jpg family05.jpg family06.jpg family07.jpg
Dina and Ragil Ragil Ragil and Papi Dian Papi at Bedugul, Bali
family08.jpg family09.jpg family10.jpg family11.jpg family12.jpg family13.jpg family14.jpg
making Swedish oxe rolls :D
family15.jpg family16.jpg family17.jpg family18.jpg family19.jpg family20.jpg family21.jpg
Dina Mami Peter with Indra and Dian
family22.jpg family23.jpg family24.jpg family25.jpg family26.jpg family27.jpg family28.jpg
family29.jpg family30.jpg family31.jpg family32.jpg family33.jpg family34.jpg family35.jpg
late Papi's father and his wife little Ragil at Tanah Lot, Bali extended Papi's family
family36.jpg family37.jpg family38.jpg family39.jpg family40.jpg family41.jpg family42.jpg
late Mami's mother little Dina
Mami's father and Papi

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